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Isaiah Douglass, CFP ®

Founder / Financial Planner & Advisor

The story of ID Financial Planning & Wealth Management is simple. I felt there was a better way to work with dentists and veterinarians to provide financial advice and guidance. I’ve always believed that good financial information should be accessible to more than just those who are already financially successful. Today’s world has continued to grow more complicated, and everyone’s focus is stretched thin. A financial advisor’s job is to provide advice and guidance to help make decisions. Client’s themselves would make if they had the expertise. By working and focusing on dental and veterinarian practitioners the advice we can offer and contribute is additive both to the personal life, but also to the business. Understanding the profession from an operational perspective is a dramatically different planning experience. Finally, I am a big believer in looking at both assets and liabilities. Net worth is our focused metric of choice for wealth creation.
The shift from product sales and growing assets under management to net worth inspired me to write my blog

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